Our Vision

As quality and reliability providing company to customer, Klivent serves the clients in such a way that creating the best business conditions.

Our Mission

Klivent is taking the steps by targeting strong and planned development as addressing recent modern managerial and engineering applications.

Our Values

Intellectual and innovator interest : We look for the new technologies

Respect to nature: We always take into consideration the best emission and optimum performance while we are designing the facilities.

Passion: We eagerly do our business.

Team Work and Reliability: we do the right delegation and work sharing. Our success directly related with our working in a harmony.

Sincerity : We keep our words and provide contractual liabilities.

Encouragement: we take responsibility if needed and proactively solve the problems.

Working Fields

1 - Industrial Facilities

- Dairy, Meat, Floury, Chocolate. etc Industries

- Pharmaceutical  and other Hygienic Products manufacturer

- Welding Industry

- Machining Industry

- Foundries

- Steel Plants

- Ceramic Industry

- Plastic Industry

- Chemical Industry

- Biomass Industry

2 - Comfort Projects

- Office Buildings

- Hospitals and Laboratories

- Sport Halls

- Pools

- Hotels

- Business Centers

- Malls