Diary Plants:

Hygienic protection is very important issue for Diary Plant. In different working places, the air has to be differently been conditioned. During fermentation, maturation and cooling, packaging, pasteurization, yogurt and ayran incubation processes are very important for the plants. We design hygienic ventilation system including cooling and heating depending on products manufacturing optimum conditions. Hygienic Air Handling Units, Chillers and steam or hot water boilers, ducting and pump systems are the main design components. All the ventilation equipment are selected by our skilled engineering in the light of the information taken from the clients and observation at plant.

Slaughterhouses and Meat Processing Plants:

In slaughterhouses and meat processing plants that processes the cattle, sheep and chicken, high hygienic conditions have to be provided. Due to the high heat creation during the slaughtering of the animals, there is a big risk for facing with bacteria and bad odor forming. That is why, there is a big importance to install ventilation system having high air volume. Also, ventilation is very important for the meat crumple halls which will work with refrigeration system in harmony. In every processing area needs to be installed a well-designed ventilation system due to supply fresh air to employees as wells protecting the area against bacteria forming. All the project study is being handled by our qualified engineers. The installation team always studiously works and comply the job on time.

Chocolate and Flour Products Manufacturers:

We design the filtration and ventilation project for every kind of plant that processed flour, milk dust, sugar, cacao having a high risk for explosion. As well known, most of the organic material has low minimum ignition energy and high Kst values. When this kind of materials face with an ignition sources, there can be explosion in the plant. The critical equipment are crushers, filters, cyclones, elevators, conveyors, ventilators and every kind of mechanical equipment. There manufacturers can face with very dramatic conditions as a result of this explosion. To be able to prevent the plant, well designed ventilation and explosion protection system is extremely important. ATEX central vacuum system for cleaning purpose, ATEX dust filtration system and ventilation system can lower the risks and provide a protection against to explosion. Klivent Engineering Company can handle the risks and has an ability to design a reliable ventilation and duct extraction system.

Welding Industry:

Welding fumes and grinding dust is very harmful for the human beings. Klivent Engineering handles this kind of projects to protect the employees’ health. When the operator inhales the contaminated air, the lungs damaged because of the destroying effects of welding fumes. Our company is specialist in designing Roomcleaning, Psh-Pull and other stationary extraction arms together with filter solutions. Regarding to special demands of our valuable clients, we design extraction and filtration project with respect to W3 standards based on DIN 15013 norms.

Machining Industry:

Our company has different solutions to be able to filter the oil mist occurred during the cutting operation. As it well known, there is being observed oil mist, when coolant is applied to cutter head. Klivent is applying both stationary and stand-alone filters for the different projects. Besides, Klivent has an experiences to pneumatic conveying system for the swarfs which is smaller than 30mm at length. The larger particles have to be crushed then it can be conveyed.

Foundries & Steel Plants:

While metal processing at casting lines, treatments and metal melting, highly harmful fumes are seen in the factory interior parts. Besides, especially the sand plants, conveyor shuts, elevators and other sand preparation processes creates high amount of fine dusts. Klivent uses high technology filters to be able to provide a perfect emission for the extraction system.

Comfort Projects

In the projects which comfort is at forefront such as offices, malls, business centers, sport centers, pools, cinemas, conference halls, labs and hospitals, etc…, Klivent is designing complete mechanical projects including HVAC, fire alarm detection and extinguishing systems. We take into account high price-performance index at the projects that we have designed and completed. Klivent is performing the projects by considering and analyzing the customer’s needs in detail. Also, Klivent reflects the global standards and quality to its projects by getting the customer satisfaction.